Thinking Globally, Exploring Locally.

Steward celebrates diversity and welcomes international children from all over the world. In recent years other Incarnation programs have welcomed young adults from Spain, France, China, Russia, the UK, Japan and Norway. Our directors work closely with international families to support the transition to Steward.

The Steward Experience helps to provide children with a strong social foundation for US secondary boarding schools. Children are also exposed to US colleges and universities, including: Yale, NYU, Harvard, UCONN, MIT and Boston University.

We are a new program, so we are not able to offer Student Visas yet, but international children may be able to participate in the Steward Experience while in the US on a B-2 Visa.  However, they would not receive academic credit. Our goal is to be able to offer student visas and academic credit in future years, but we will not be able to in 2018.

We know that international children will be a wonderful addition to Steward. Even though we cannot offer academic credit in 2018, we are confident the peer community, social opportunities, outdoor activities, and tourism trips to NYC, Boston, and other locations in the USA will be of great benefit to children visiting the USA to attend Steward.

The fees for this short recreational program in Fall 2018 (September-December) are $24,000. This includes room, all meals, and all trips and activities. Unfortunately, we cannot offer scholarships or financial aid to international families at this time.

The Steward Experience is wonderful opportunity for personal growth. We are delighted to help you navigate the registration process. Please contact us today +1-860-767-0848 or to learn more.