Outdoor Adventure Expeditions

Outdoor expeditions are intentionally built into our curriculum: students learn about geology and watersheds while canoeing down the Connecticut River; discuss transportation, trade and population while biking along the Erie Canal, and chart our course using mathematics and navigation while sailing up the Maine coast.

Outdoor adventure expeditions are a highlight of the Steward experience. In addition to day and weekend excursions, Stewards spend weeks out of each semester on longer adventures that build wilderness skills, confidence and community. Whether students come to Steward as avid outdoors lovers, or having never stepped foot in the woods before, our faculty and Wilderness Trip leaders give students the skills and support that they need to thrive on outdoor adventure expeditions.


  • Backpacking along the Appalachian Trail
  • Canoeing down the Connecticut River in VT
  • Biking along the Erie Canal
  • Sailing a schooner along the Maine coast
  • Sea kayaking in Maine or the Mid Atlantic
  • Snowshoeing or cross country skiing hut to hut in the White Mountains
  • Rock climbing in the Catskills
  • Camping in New England and the Mid Atlantic
  • Marine Science in the Florida Keys

Expedition Spotlight
Marine Lab in Key Largo, FL
February 2020