Intentional Community

One of the greatest learning aspects of Steward is the peer-to-peer accountability that is learned in a residential setting. Our faculty works closely with our students, empowering them to intentionally create a safe, nurturing and vibrant learning community. Our students contribute to the care and functioning of our community by participating in daily chores, maintaining individual and shared living spaces, meal preparation, campus improvement projects, and the daily care of our vegetable gardens and farm animals. Through responsibility and cooperation, our students learn how to create and maintain an intentional community.

Reflection & Accountability
The entire school community meets weekly to check-in with one another, discuss issues of importance, and plan upcoming trips. Our faculty and staff at Steward have faith in young people and students to help shape their own experience. Together we work to create a safe and supportive environment and encourage students to empower one another, listen, solve problems, and voice their needs.