Communication and Technology

At Steward, we view technology as a tool for learning and communicating. As an outdoor school, we purposefully limit our screen time and encourage students to build community offline.  

Students who elect to bring personal phones will only have access to them during the times parents/guardians have granted permission (options include: call home times and travel). All students must bring a laptop. They will only have access to their laptops when needed for academic coursework.

The dorm and class spaces are all equipped with wireless internet, so technology can be integrated into the curriculum as a tool. Our Outdoor Adventure Expeditions give students the opportunity to unplug from the digital realm and reconnect with the natural and social worlds around them by leaving their personal devices behind.

Staying in Touch

In addition to opportunities to call home during the week, we set aside time and encourage students to write letters and postcards throughout the semester to share details of their adventures to friends and family.