Whoever you are and wherever you are, you are welcome here

Incarnation Center was founded in 1886 as an Episcopal camp serving people of all faith backgrounds, and we remain loyal to that heritage. As a program of Incarnation, Steward is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. Steward supports, encourages and nurtures student’s spiritual lives by meeting them where they are, recognizing and respecting that faith and spirituality take on different shapes in different individuals.

Daily Chapel Talk

Led by students or faculty, our days begin with short reflections that draw on a variety of traditions and sources. Perhaps using a poem from Rumi, a passage from Maya Angelou, or a quote from Dorothy Day, reflections serve to center and challenge us and emphasize the connections that we have to one another and our natural world.

Sunday Chapel
Beautiful and intimate, our indoor and outdoor campus chapels provide sacred spaces for us to gather on Sundays to listen, share, reflect and break bread. Sunday services are grounded in our Episcopal tradition and responsive to the diverse spiritual life of our community.