Thinking Globally, Learning Locally.

Steward celebrates diversity and welcomes international students from all over the world. In recent years our programs have welcomed young adults from Spain, France, China, Russia, the UK, Japan and Norway. Our directors work closely with international students and their families to support the transition to Steward.

The English as a Second Language program at Steward is designed to meet students where they are and integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students hone their communication skills, learn how to write “American-style” essays and gain experience participating in seminar-style classes.

For those exploring US secondary boarding schools, a semester or year at Steward will provide students with a strong foundation. Our faculty work closely with students and families through the high school application process. Students are exposed to US colleges and universities, including: Yale, NYU, Harvard, UCONN, MIT and Boston University.

Experiencing a semester or year abroad in the United States can be a wonderful opportunity for educational and personal growth. We are delighted to help you navigate the admission process. Please contact us today +1-860-767-0848 or to learn more.