Fall Semester 2020 Welcome Information Email
Please read through the Community Agreements, Tech Use Form, and COVID 19 Health and Safety Measures as a family. Please sign and return the COVID 19 Health and Safety Measures Agreement, Tech Use Form and Enrollment Agreement by August 24 to info@stewardoutdoorschool.org.
Tech Use Form
Enrollment Agreement
Community Agreements
COVID 19 Health and Safety Measures Agreement
Medical Packet
Health Form
Medication Registration Form

Please complete the Health Insurance and Identification Information Form, Health Form, and Medical Packet and return them by August 24 to info@stewardoutdoorschool.org. 

If you are sending your Steward with any medications, supplements, or vitamins, (including Melatonin), please complete the Medication Registration Form and bring it with the medications (original labels must be on bottles) to arrival.

Health Insurance and Identification Information Form

Dear Parents,
We provide an academically rigorous curriculum designed to challenge and prepare your child for the next level at their sending school. Their Steward transcripts and portfolios will be evidence of their academic experience at Steward. Each sending school has different procedures and expectations for credit transfer and transcript communication. You need to provide the proper documentation to their school, so you can make sure your child gets credit for their semester at Steward. The following materials are designed to help us understand your sending school's structure and to align additional course curriculum (math, social studies, language, etc.) to your sending school. These materials are optional, however, so you can ensure your child's credits are accepted their sending school when they return, we encourage you to use them as a means of communication with your academic advisor at home. You are welcome to share my contact information with your academic advisor.  Please contact me if you would like to walk through the process together. 
Thank you,
The Steward Team

Please complete the Student Survey as soon as possible. Please read through the Packing List carefully, so you are fully prepared for your semester at Steward.
All calendars and schedules are subject to change based on programming, weather, public health guidance, and travel.
Fall 2020 Calendar
Many families choose to send their students with spending money or a debit card (the Greenlight card or something similar is popular, since it is designed for kids with parent oversight and control). All spending money and debit cards will be checked into the office at arrival.  Please complete the Spending Money Registration Form and bring it with you to arrival.
Spending Money Registration Form