Affording Steward

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An Investment That’s Worth It
We are proud to offer a unique academic program that balances academic rigor and outdoor adventure, resulting in a life changing experience that sets our graduates up for success in high school and beyond. Graduates of our program enter high school with a better sense of self, prepared to organize themselves independently and thrive academically and socially.

As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage possible. Browse our website and set up a conversation with us to learn more about the value of a semester or year spent at Steward.

Attending Steward Will:
• Give students a head start on developing independence, organization, good judgement, risk-taking and other life skills necessary for success in high school, college and beyond.
• Nurture a student’s motivation for and interest in learning.
• Complement a student’s education with experiences that are not available at their home school.
• Provide students from public and day schools a boarding school experience without the cost or time commitment of attending a four-year school.
• Provide students considering boarding schools with the experience of living and learning in a residential setting.
• Provide students with unique, eye-catching experience that sets them apart from other applicants in the high school and college admission processes.


Tuition is all inclusive and covers room and board as well as all trip and program costs.

Fall Semester - $24,000
Spring Semester - $25,000 (Spring semesters include a marine science outdoor adventure expedition in the Florida Keys. Click here for pictures of Spring Semester 2020's trip to Marine Lab in Key Largo)
A 20% deposit is due at time of enrollment.

Private Loans
Many companies offer low interest loans for private K-12 education. Please contact them directly for any information about the services they provide.